The Origins of Freemasonry and

The stanhope lodge

by W Bro Stanley Tuckman PAGDC


Minutes of the Meeting for the Consecration of the Lodge.

The Stanhope Lodge held at the Thickett Hotel Anerley on the 17th July 1869

The most worshipful the Grand Master the Earl of Zetland having been pleased to grant a Warrant for this Lodge, the petitioners Bros H  Lindus, William Clifford, James Finch, John Hart, John Lassam, James C Ring, met at the Thicket Hotel where the Lodge was Consecrated by Bro William Watson PM of Lodge number 23 , the Globe Lodge, who was expressly nominated to perform the Ceremony by the Most Worshipful Grand Master, assisted by Bro John Thomas PM Lodge number 507, M Cook PM Lodge No: 23,  W Platt PM Lodge No: 23. In the course of the Consecration Bro Cook delivered an oration on the Principles of Freemasonry after the Ceremony had been performed according to Ancient custom. Bro Henry William Lindus, the Worshipful Master designate, having been installed in the Chair of King Solomon according to ancient custom and presentation of the Warrant of the MWGM. The brethren below the Chair were readmitted into the Lodge and after having saluted the WM as Master Masons, the Lodge was opened in the degree of  FC. Bro John Thomas delivered the charges after the Lodge was opened in the first degree. The WM appointed his officers as follows: Bro W Clifford as SW, James Finch as JW, John Hart as DC and Sec, J Chas Ring as IG and J Woodstock as Tyler. The following Gentlemen were proposed for initiation by the WM and seconded by the Bro Hart the Sec.  Mr Francis Keene of Camberwell,   Gentleman, Mr Harry Bishop of Camberwell  -Tobacco Manufacturer, Mr William Pitt of Camberwell Gentleman, Mr Jack Craydon of Forest Hill Draper, Mr George Atkins of Brompton Wine Merchant, Mr Herbert Hade of Blackfriars Wine Merchant, Mr William Burger of Anerley Gentleman, Mr William Goddard of Anerley Gentleman and Mr W Welby of Forest Hill Gentleman.

The following Brethren were proposed for joining membership by the WM. Bro Alfred Keckaldie of Beadon Lodge 619, Bro Richard Waygood of Tranquillity Lodge 274. Bro William Worchingham  )Lodge not recorded)

There were three other Masons proposed but I cannot read their names.

The Lodge was closed with solemn prayer until the 10th August 1869. The brethren then adjourned for refreshment.

Note. The next meeting was actually held as an emergency meeting on the 27th July so that a ballot could be taken for the joining members to come in to the Lodge.


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