Some of the early Master of the Lodge are in an Album but unfortunately not in order or indeed all with names. I have taken out those I feel I can identify and written what I can glean about them from the minutes.

Here are some I think I can identify.

W Bro Chas Ring. Our 4th Master in 1872 and then again in 1879. W Bro Ring served the Lodge as Treasurer from 1874 until 1889 and was one of our most respected members of the time. He also served as our DC for many years and in 1905 was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation by the Lodge members to recognise his 12th year as Secretary. (Click here).

W Bro Ring remained a member for many years and was voted in as an Honorary Member in 1905 the first  member to be so honoured.

The last mention of Bro Ring is in 1907 when he last attended the Lodge. From the records it can be seen that another Ring also became a Master of our Lodge in 1906-07. This known to have been his son.









W Bro Archer Smith a Timber Merchant on the Old Kent Road, was proposed by W Bro Henry Wood and W Bro Chas Ring. He was initiated on Tuesday 9th May 1876 by W Bro Wood, passed on the 11th July and raised on the 12th September 1876. He was installed as Master on the 10th October 1882. W Bro Wood as his proposer was invited to conduct the installation. After a few years on the back benches he was elected as Treasurer of the Lodge an office he held for 27 years until 1916. In 1908 while still Treasurer, he was one of the first to receive the new London Rank now known as LGR.  Bro Smith was also a member of the Stanhope Chapter being exalted in 1879 and he became MEZ in 1885. He is the first of our Members to achieve 50 years in the Craft which he did so in 1926. A presentation to him in the form of an Illuminated Address was made by the Lodge at the September meeting in 1926. It may have been a Certificate such as that presented to Bro Ring but no record of its content is known. Bro Smith Died in 1930


The first picture in the book and   one of our early Masters between 1869 and 1874. Unfortunately the first picture named is that of the next Master W Bro H Wood so I can only presume as to who this may be. It would be nice to think that perhaps is of our first Master W Bro H W Lindus. However I feel that it is more likely to be that of W Bro W Goddard the Master preceding Henry Wood. He is actually wearing the Past Master jewel for the Lodge at that time

 This is our first named and dated Picture of W Bro Henry Wood who was our 7th Master in  1875. He also is wearing the PMs jewel for that period. Henry Wood was not only a founder of the Lodge but also served as its Secretary for some 17 years during which time the Lodge presented him with Secretary's Jewel to commemorate his 14th investiture.


Believed to be W Bro William Porter the Master in 1876. Also a founder of the Lodge he too has the PMs jewel for the Lodge as well as I believe that of his Mother Lodge.


W Bro Walter Charles Canton. Master 1877


A vintage photo of a person in a suit and tie

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Text Box: W Bro Brice G Frampton 1885

Text Box: W Bro William C Page 1884 Text Box: W Bro Samuel T Kingston 1880









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